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Judicial Scandal: Posterity will not forgive Mahama, CJ if… – Ac
Renowned lawyer Ace Ankomah said the ongoing scandal in the country’s judiciary presents government and the Chief Justice the greatest opportunity to sanitize the third estate of the realm.

Discussing the scandal on Joy FM’s Newsfile programme Saturday, Ace said the country has over the years created circumstances for corruption to fester especially in the judiciary and the time has come for “serious institutional reforms.”

“Things will change. Things must change we have a great opportunity to fix this corruption,” he said.

The country’s Judiciary is on bended knees as a result of an undercover investigative piece by Anas Aremeyaw Anas which revealed widespread corruption in the third arm of government.

Secretly recorded video showed 34 judges appointed to uphold the law and give justice selling their principles, for money and other materials.

Some of the judges, after collecting huge sums of money, were ready to free murder suspects, drug suspects standing trial before them.

The revelation has left many Ghanaians stunned.

Ace Ankomah is urging a parallel investigation from the judiciary and the police administration which would lead to possible prosecution of judges and clerks found to have extorted monies from people.

“There are things in our rules which fester corruption
“Let this be the generation of Ghanaians that fix this system. God has given us the greatest opportunity to fix it. Let’s see if we will.

“All Ghanaians and people in leadership have a duty to ensure that we fix this system.

“The system which makes it wiser to pay 10 cedis and go home for road traffic offences than to be arrested and go to court six times to be fined 100 cedis.

“Why must it take me five years to register my land when my client takes two weeks on a defective title.

“Mr President, Madam Chief Justice you have a great opportunity to fix this nation. Let history be written to say it was in your turn that we began to fix this nation else posterity will look at you and say you are the most failed leaders this country ever had.

Deputy Transport Minister Joyce Bawa Mogtari, who was also on the show, said the two leaders would want to etch their names in history as the personnel in whose time corruption was fought with vigour.

Kweku Baako Jnr said the scandal would be a catalyst in fixing the system

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