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Judicial Service serves affidavits on EC
Posted by admin on 12th April 2013

The Judicial Service has served the Electoral Commission copies of the affidavits filed by the petitioners involved in the presidential election petition.

The Commission which is the second respondent in the pending case had early on rejected the affidavits served with the explanation that it was incomplete.

Director of Communications of the EC, Christian Owusu Parry told he later saw officials of the judicial service offloading documents believed to be the completed affidavits from their vans to be served on the EC.

Having failed in its bid to vary the procedures of court, the Commission now has five days within which to file its own affidavits in response to those filed by the petitioners.

The EC in a motion asked the court to agree to a late filing of its affidavits but the court in a unanimous decision threw out the request, insisting the earlier ground rules set by the court must be respected.

The ruling meant the EC must at all cost respond to the petitioners’ affidavits five days after they have been served.

Asked if the EC has the capacity to file the affidavits within the stipulated period, Parry said they have no choice but to respect the order from the court.

He said the lawyers of the EC are ready and will be in court on the April 16 date.