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I would love to make love 10 times a day – Delay
Posted by admin on 24th August 2015

Deloris Frimpong-Manso popularly known as Delay has a lot of wishes—and one of them is to be able to have sex 10 times a day at her favorite place.

It’s not a bad desire but considering the fact that Delay was recently reported as the last 30something virgin in Ghana — how did she get here this quick?

The TV presenter wrote on her instagram that she is hoping to travel the world and fall in love again.

“I wanna travel the world, get paid for doing what I love, fall in love and make love at least…10 times a week… At my favourite place on the planet. Where there’s no pressure, no self questioning, no depression, no insomnia…. Only good food, laughter and beautiful shoes and bags..I’m staying here forever…. I’m staying in Bountiful…where happiness abounds..”

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