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Armed robber burnt to death at Kasoa

Above: Picture of the armed robber being burnt alive.

Some residents of Kasoa have killed and burnt an alleged robber to death.

The angry residents chased the robber who is said to have robbed some houses this dawn.

Just last Friday, a 15-year-old petty trader was stabbed and robbed in the morning while she was on her way to the market.

An eye witness who chanced on the attack told Starr News the robber was lynched after he had confessed to the crime.

“They have been arresting them lately. Some days ago, they arrested one and took him to the police station and that case is still pending.

“But this one was just arrested this morning while I was on my way to work. I saw the crowd interrogating him and then later they set him ablaze and killed him. I am told they were three in number but they arrested just him,” he recounted.


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