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GMA strike: Doctors slam Nunoo-Mensah over football comment
Posted by admin on 20th August 2015

A senior member of the Ghana Medical Association has slammed former Chief of Defense Staff Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo-Mensah for asking striking doctors to go to China and play football if they want money.

The head of human security chastising doctors for their strike in an interview on the Morning Starr said doctors should have chosen football if they wanted money.

“These professions are a calling, when I joined the army to die to save Ghana it wasn’t because of the money…so when you want to be a doctor you must survive but money shouldn’t be sole [reason] of you being a doctor otherwise you go and play football, you go to China and join Asamoah Gyan and make money”.

But his comments have incurred the wrath of the striking doctors.

Dr. Hardi Abdallah speaking on Morning Starr with host Kafui Dey Thursday said Nunoo-Mensah has no right to criticise striking doctors.

According to him, Nunoo-Mensah’s son who is a practising doctor in the United Kingdom has never offered his services to his country of birth and finds it strange that the former military man would attack doctors saving lives in Ghana in such a derogatory manner.

“Nunoo-Mensah’s son is a doctor in London…what has he done for Ghana, what has his son done to help Ghana. We could have all gone outside to practise but we decided to stay in Ghana and serve our country so he shouldn’t make those comments.

“I am here in Ghana at the expense of my family who are outside and I am helping my country. Nunoo-Mensah shouldn’t be making those comments”.

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