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Martha Bissah

‘GAA forced Martha Bissah out of All Africa Games’

Starr Sports checks have revealed that Martha Bissah failed to qualify to the All Africa Games because she was forced to compete in an unfamiliar event – the 1500 meter race – during the National Athletic Circuit in Tamale.

Officials of the GAA earlier claimed that the 17-year-old failed to qualify after participating in both the 800 and 1500 meter race. But, it turns out that the 2014 Youth Olympics gold medalist was informed prior to last Saturday’s circuit that she would not be able to compete in her favourite 800 meter race since the event was not on the list.

Former Ghana track and field team coach, Albert Nukpezah told Starr Sports the Ghana Athletics Association contributed to Bissah’s failure to appear at this year’s All Africa Games.

“Look at Martha Bissah, she is an Olympic medalist for 800m, even if you decide to organise a competition to test her speed to select her for this year’s All Africa Games why don’t you add her event to it so she can qualify,” Nukpezah said.

He added: “I learnt one Athlete whose event was not included in the circuit was allowed to run with the men so why was Martha Bissah also not given that opportunity. The girl’s performance as of last year was 2:04s, they are claiming that somebody has run 2:06s.

“The person is in United States yet you are saying she run 2:06s. Why don’t they let here come down and compete with the local athletes for us to see. They are just being unfair to the girl.”

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