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‘Doctors regret working for Ghana’

“It is one of my regrets…and it is widespread” – a doctor said.

A medical doctor and a member of the Ghana Medical Association, Dr. Hardi Abdallah has revealed that many of his colleagues regret offering their services to the country and are contemplating travelling outside to practise.

“It is one of my regrets…and it is widespread and I can tell you that many of the young ones who are coming up are beginning to write the USMLE exams and are going to the US,” Dr. Abdallah said on Morning Starr Wednesday.

Doctors in the public sector have been on strike for close to two weeks demanding better conditions of service.

They have threatened to resign en masse if their demands are not met by Friday August 14. Several appeals by government to get them back to work has proved futile.

The Employment Minister Haruna Iddrisu has served notice that all striking doctors will lose their salary due to their actions.

But speaking to host of Morning Starr, Kafui Dey on Starr 103.5FM, Dr. Abdallah said government can go ahead and do what it wants but must be ready to face the consequence of their actions.

“We can live without our salaries…but can the nation accept that we move away from the in-patients…we are ready for that, we predicted something like this would happen.

“We have never had conditions of service and if the politicians think that this is fine then it is up to them…the fact that I work and I collapse, nobody cares about the life of the doctor, it’s all about the patient…the nation should be ready to face the repercussion of their actions…I tell you doctors can survive over one month without salaries.

“But if anything happens, the employment minister and the president should be ready to answer for it; it is a very bad way of solving the issue”.

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