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The Late Hiplife artist, Theophilus Tagoe, aka CASTRO

Frimprince writes a letter to missing Castro

bizarre disappearance of Castro de Destroyer, known in real life as Theophilus Tagoe, many media houses and social media have bored us with news of the disappearance and the events leading to it.

They have delved into arguments about his return and even still, many people have made baseless assertions following this unfortunate incident.

I think we can do his family and fans all over the world who are praying for his safe return after the July 6th, 2014 event some good by looking at another aspect of this great artiste who has graced many stages both in Ghana and many stages across the globe.These were the words of Mr Anane Frimpong, the CEO of Frimprince Music Production

In my candid opinion as the first producer to work with Theophilus Tagoe Castro and I want to put it on record that Castro, is our most versatile Hiplife artiste so far. This been said, I would want to look at how this sensational artiste came to the limelight.

I believe this part of his career has never been told. I am looking at this from the very scratch. I remember when Jay Q put together then, a 10- song star-studded compilation which featured the likes of Triple M (the all female group), Buk Bak, 4×4 and Castro’s hit song, “SRADINAM”, which was one of the songs in his debut album in 2003.

We realized the uniqueness of that song and we bought it and featured it in King David’s”Ayefenorts3″ album. Truth be told, Sradinam, in no small way propelled King David’s hit tune to the international music community. After we had heard the compilation, we decided to meet the man behind the sradinam tune so as to see if we could come to an agreement. When he walked into our office, we had doubts about his talents and creativity because he had this air about him. To our surprise, he put in so much effort and commitment from the first day he stepped into the booth. So together with DJ Amess of Flex Newspaper, who was his manager then, we agreed for the “ODO PA” hit maker to record seven other songs which we added to his already popular sradinam and he released that album.

Due to the role we played as his executive producers, two years after, he was back in the studio and we did the TOFFEE album which won many nominations. Some of the songs on that album included BONESHAKER and ABONGO LORRY.

The rest of his career is evident for all to hear and see. His versatility in the light of the changing trends in the Hiplife industry is unparallelled. He has gone on to produce hit after hit including DO THE DANCE, SEIHO and many songs that we dance to. Due to the amazing progress he has made over the years, many other artistes wanted to feature him in their songs and this tells you what kind of musician he had grown to become.

Whenever the song “Adonai” is played, the name that comes to mind is Castro and Sarkordie. It will surprise many people to know that Castro’s take with Sarkordie was the remix version.

The original song was actually recorded by Sarkordie and S K Blinks. The remix version is loved more due to the creativity Castro added to the song. Sarkordie, in one of his many interviews in London related to how the Adonai tune was making waves all over, he revealed that the “Obiaa nto ni collection” part of the song was actually Castro’s idea.

For me in particular, I always thought it was the title of the song because it was so catchy that it instantly appealed to everyone who heard the song.

It goes a long way to tell you how Castro’s level of creativity, ingenuity and talent had shot up.

His commercial success started right from his sradinam days. His legacy is not going anywhere because it is firmly grounded in the hearts of many, especially lovers of good music. His efforts were rewarded with many nominations and recently, his featuring with D Black took many awards in the the recent Ghana Music Awards. Castro is a Ghanaian singer, songwriter and musician.

Castro is a friend of the Ghana national football team’s captain, Asamoah Gyan. The duo recorded together a number of songs including “African Girls” which was another hit of his. Castro is loved by many due to his sensational recording voice. I am not reminding the millions of fans of the sad occurrence but to let us know Theophilus Tagoe Castro is a legend and therefore He never dies.

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