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Mrs. Tayui Saves Ghanafest 2015 with A Huge Donation …Pictures too
Posted by admin on 21st July 2015

July 20 2015 Chicago IL: The cash strapped Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, heaved a huge sigh of relief going into Ghanafest 2015 when Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui donated TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS ( $10,000.00) towards the festival. Paa Kwasi Sam, Vice President of the GNC and chairman of Ghanafest 2015 Organizing Committee; and Mr. Steve Dei, the Organizing Secretary of the GNC, were at Mrs. Tayui’s residence to collect the donation on behalf of the GNC. Mr. John Abbeyea, who worked behind the scenes leading to the donation was also present.

Mrs. Tayui, is the first African woman to serve on a US Presidential campaign’s prestigious Steering Committee and the highly coveted Finance Committee, only reserved for the highly influential within the United States. She respectably serves on Hillary Clinton’s campaign steering committee and served on both Barack Obama’s successful presidential campaigns. She is not only donating money to the GNC. She is also devoting her time and energy to make sure Ghanafest 2015 and future Ghanafests are successful and possibly work with the GNC for a community center for Ghanaians in Chicago. Mrs. Tayui comes in at a time the GNC needs to reinvent the wheel to make the most spectacular African cultural festival in the diaspora, Ghanafest, viable. After 26 years in existence, the GNC has not been marketing the festival well enough to attract more sponsors and patrons recently. Recent Ghanafests has therefore been huge financial losses!

In accepting the donation, Paa Kwasi Sam thanked Mrs. Tayui for her generous donation. He assured Mrs. Tayui that the money will be put to good use.

Brief profile of Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui:

Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui, is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer leading and operating cutting edge businesses on the international landscape with a focus on oil and gas in Sub Saharan Africa. Her business acumen has placed her in a position to serve on several corporate and foundation boards. She is an Economist and an investment strategist, with a high corporate acumen and a keen eye for niche opportunities in the oil and gas sector. Her strengths include international and domestic business acquisitions and joint ventures, business turn around, and analysis of business trends, as a tool for investments. She specializes in corporate restructuring. She demonstrates excellent leadership, interpersonal and problem solving skills. Her assertive and distinctive aptitude in business is credited to her self-imposed commitment to excellence.

In her many firsts, Mrs. Beatrice Tayui is the first Ghanaian to own an oil block globally, and is quite determined to expand her talent as founder and CEO of Cybele Energy Ltd., as Best in Class throughout the sub region.Mrs. Tayui is actively involved in community service and non-profit organizations where her philanthropic gene has earned her significant recognition and accolades for her substantial financial support to several organizations. She has actively promoted and inspired true leadership in women globally. She provides mentoring and sponsorship programs for the less fortunate kids in the Chicagoland community. Her passion for education has led her to actively provide historical donations to a Polytechnic Institution in her native country of Ghana as well as to Governor’s State University in University Park, Illinois where she serves as Vice President of the Foundation Board. Her initiative Her initiative is guided to lend support to the next generation and support them to actively participate in the oil and gas sector thereby producing Ghanaians who can not only be globally competitive but effectively support their country with true growth and development.

Mrs. Tayui is married with three beautiful children.

We hope the Ghanaian community would take advantage of the immense resources and experience Mrs. Beatrice Mensah Tayui is making available to the community. The management of wish the Ghanaian Community and Mrs. Beatrice Tayui success in their endeavors.

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