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Ghanafest 2015 Press Release

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Contact: Paa Kwesi Sam Ghanafest 2015 Chairman and V.P of the GNC.
July 18 2015
312-609-9907 (cell)
The 27th Annual Ghanafest Celebrations, Saturday July 25 2015 at Washington Park Chicago Illinois.

The Ghanafest 2015 organizing committee would like to remind members of the Ghanaian community, patrons and sponsors of Ghanafest 2015 that Ghanafest is a showcase of Ghanaian culture and also to inform everyone that due to the expected high profile attendees from Ghana, there will be an unusual security presence at Ghanafest 2015. Ghanafest is an event organized by The Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago, GNC, which is a non-political organization. The GNC is a community organization embracing all Ghanaians in the Chicago metropolitan area irrespective of political affiliation or ethnicity and as such the Ghanafest 2015 organizing committee would like to advise all attendees to display a sense of unity during this occasion. The organizers reserve the right to refuse entry or otherwise of people who would use the occasion to advance or promote the interest or interests of a political party or parties in Ghana.

The organizing committee entreat all in our community to eschew bitterness and rancor. Let us embrace peace and unity of purpose, to sustain our national identity as Ghanaians. Let us give our leaders from Chicago and Ghana, Chiefs, Queens and elders in our community due respect. Leaders will come and go, but our country Ghana and our Chicago Ghanaian community will remain. There is no “US” verses “THEM” in anything we do. We are one people whose character is defined and shaped by where we came from. We were raised as each other’s keeper! Let peace prevail as we enter Ghanafest. A time to proudly come together as Ghanaians and celebrate our rich culture!


  1. My honorable Vice President of the GNC, bravo.Stay blessed.

    • Ebenezer Okrah

      Great job..We pray for a successful & remarkable event. Let’s Keep God 1st PLACE, HE will Take us to PLACES Beyond our wildest imagination. ..

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