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Ghana is plagued by dishonest, divisive people – Chief Justice

The Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode has charged Ghanaians to reflect on the current state of the nation which she believes is bedeviled with “dishonest” and “divisive” people.

She indicated that introspection will reveal the stark reality that the nation is in dire need of honest and God-fearing people in both public and private spheres to move the nation forward.

“We need to ponder over the condition in which we find ourselves as a nation; a country plagued by dishonesty, divisiveness and unfaithfulness in both public and private life,” she advised.

Ghana is presently battling to rid itself of massive corruption and deep-seated partisan stance which many social analysts say hinders the development of the nation.

The President, John Mahama has asked Ghanaians to support his government’s efforts to fight the social canker, which is threatening the moral fiber of the nation.

Public figures including ex-President John Rawlings, former Commissioner of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ), Justice Emile Short, the Clergy and a host of others have bemoaned the alarming rate at which corruption is gaining root in Ghana.

The Sole Commissioner, who was tasked to investigate judgment debts paid by the state in the last few decades, expressed shock at how a lot of public officials seem to have deliberately “connived” to dupe the country.

The Chief Justice in her address at the 22nd Synod of the Accra Diocese of the Anglican Church tasked Christendom to meet the challenge by raising men and women who are Godly to save the nation from destruction.

“We must confess our desperate cries to God to raise for us men and women of truth and purity and people who are determined to defy the odds and remain steadfast in the faith,” she said, adding that this desperate cry must however “be met by a corresponding desire on the part of the church.”

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