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The chairperson of the Ghana Electoral Commission :Mrs. Charlotte Kesson-Smith Osei

Charlotte Osei to monitor Talensi by-election


The newly appointed Chairperson of the Electoral Commission Charlotte Osei is in the Upper East Region to monitor and supervise the by-election in Talensi constituency slated for Tuesday, July 7.

This will be her first major national assignment upon assumption of office as the EC boss.

She is in the region with all her deputies including Alhaji Amadu Sulley, Deputy Chairman in charge of operations and Hajia Saa Maida.

According to the Deputy Upper East Regional EC Director Azu Bosco, the commission is adequately prepared for the by-election.

He said all electoral materials and vehicles needed for monitoring and supervision were ready.

He disclosed that the old register used for 2012 general elections which contained 39,534 electorates will be used for the by-election.

Azu Bosco added that there were 74 polling stations and 22 electoral areas including Kpaligu, Gbalingu, Yinduuri, Shia, Winkongo and Tongo.

He explicitly stated that the no verification, no vote regulation will be enforced at the polls.


All Journalists are required to pay GHC8.00 for accreditation which will guarantee them access to the collation centre, Mr. Bosco posited.


Eight Parliamentary candidates have secured spaces on the ballot paper for the by-election.

They are Joseph Toatoba of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), Dennis Attiah Tambil, Independent Peoples Party (IPP), James Mambora Doubil, New Vision Party (NVP), Benson Tongo Baba, National Democratic Congress (NDC), Wombeogo Michael Namelteng, Peoples National Convention (PNC), Issac Kunzazore, United Progressive Party (UPP) and Wuni Thomas Pearson Duanab of the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

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