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Sleep more, have better sex. Here’s why
Posted by admin on 9th January 2010

Basically everyone knows that unshakable feeling of grogginess and disorientation that we get when we haven’t gotten enough sleep. The itchy eyes. The sense of imbalance. The irritability.

Basically, these unpleasant sensations are your body’s way of telling you that you need sleep to function! Deep, good-quality sleep isn’t just pleasurable; it’s vital for us to function optimally both physically and mentally.

And today, I’m going to tell you that there are even more reasons to get a good night’s sleep, as a new study has shown a direct correlation between sleep and sexual desire, particularly for women.

1. Sleep gets your mind in the mood.
In this new study, the amount of sleep, desire for sex and physical sexual response were all being measured. And guess what was shown? Those women who had a longer sleep felt more sexual interest, plain and simple. Importantly, links were also made between sleep disturbances, such as sleep apnea, and lack of interest in sex, which makes further research vital in uncovering reasons for non-biological sexual dysfunction.

This is also important news for new moms, many of whom are probably struggling with getting those zzz’s. Chronic lack of sleep significantly reduces desire for sex, and likely in a more prolonged way. This means don’t pressure yourself during those early months of being a mom if you’re not in the mood; it is no surprise that sexual desire might be waning in this intense transitional phase. Also, those with insomnia were found to have reduced sexual desire.

2. Sleep gets your genitals in the mood, too.
Getting enough sleep is not only important for getting in the mood mentally and emotionally, but is also linked to increased genital arousal. Who knew?!

Even better: those who regularly slept longer hours were found to have improved physical responses to arousal overall. Women have erectile tissue in their genitals just like men, so having healthy functioning genitals can certainly improve your sexual response and desire for sex. Vaginal lubrication is also an important part of sexual response, and sleep has been found to improve this whilst increasing genital arousal overall. One night of bad sleep may not impact your genital arousal, but chronic lack of sleep certainly will.

3. Sleep helps you orgasm!
Sufficient sleep is also linked to the ability to orgasm, meaning that the more sleep you get, the more “available” your orgasm becomes to you. (We all know there’s a relationship between being at ease and the ability to climax.)

It is ironic in a way, as having orgasm also promotes better sleep. But regardless of where or when you are getting your orgasms, having them is better than not having them right? Knowing your body and how to make yourself have an orgasm is an important part of being in touch with your sexuality and your sensuality, so exploring yourself through masturbation might help you both enjoy sex more and get a better night of sleep.

In short, sleep impacts sexual functioning regardless of age and hormones. So ensuring that you get sufficient sleep is vital for a hot sex life!

Incorporating nighttime rituals such as warm baths, camomile tea and turning off all screens in the bedroom can assist you to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily. If you have young children keeping you awake, remind your partner that increased sleep will increase your sex drive, that way they may be more inclined to take the night shift when it comes to the babes. Either way, getting more sleep could change your sex life for the better, and really, who doesn’t want that?