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Leave Vanderpuije to demolish Sodom & Gomorrah – Graphic boss

The Managing Director of the Graphic Communications group Ken Ashigbey has appealed to political parties in the country not to interfere with the ongoing demolition exercise at Sodom and Gomorrah in Accra.

According to him, the exercise is crucial for the prudent management of the capital city.

“As for this I support the Mayor. We should do more. This disrespect for the rule of law must stop. This should be settled once and for all.

“I beg the NDC do not bring political pressure to bear on the Mayor not to do the right thing. Let him finish what he has begun completely and sustainable.

“I also beg the NPP do not play politics, this is about the future of Ghana do not play 4 years paradigm with it. Let’s all think about legacy and Ghana for once.

“Yes let’s offer the slum dwellers who, yes, are Ghanaians but should be told that they are in the wrong, alternatives but old Fadama is not an alternative. Let’s put Ghana 1st,” he wrote on his Facebook wall.

Thousands of residents have been displaced following a demolition exercise undertaken, Saturday. The residents were accused of littering the already chocked Odaw river.

After the June 3 flood and fire disaster which claimed over 150 lives, the AMA began a chain of demolitions and has now gotten to the residents of Sodom and Gomorrah.

On Monday, the affected residents hit the street in violent protests threatening to occupy the State House.


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