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File photo: Dancer at Ghanafest 2014

Ghanafest 2015 Vendor and Sponsorship Information.

Ghanafest is a one-day, annual event held on the last Saturday of Julyand sponsored by the Ghana National Council of Metropolitan Chicago and 13 other ethnic associations representing Ghanians in theChicago area. It attracts about 20,000 participants each year toChicago’s Washington Park. The festival celebrates the history andculture of that West African nation and recognizes the special bond ofunity between Ghana and the United States.

Beginning mid-morning and lasting until nearly day’s end, Ghanafest isrife with the sights, sounds and smells of the native western coast ofAfrica from which its traditions hail. Local chieftains, queen mothers,their princes, princesses, and other court members parade majesticallyin opulent regalia. Drums beat out rhythmic melodies. Regional cuisineis dished out as liberally as the hospitality. Both the national anthems ofthe United States and Ghana are played, reminding attendees of thebonds that cement these two countries. Native-born Americansintermingle with citizens of Ethiopia, Liberia, and Nigeria – somedistant, or possibly not too distant, kin. There is dancing andmerriment, art and excitement, and, most important of all, thanksgivingfor the abundance of the camaraderie of spirit inherent in this annual festival.
This year the prices for participating in the event are as follows:
Gate                                                             $10.00

Food Vendors                                            $300.00

Public Vendors                                        $100.00

Corporate Vendors                                  $250.00

Full Page Ad Book Advert                      $200.00

Half Page Ad Book Advertising             $100.00

Public Vendors                                        $100.00
Please complete a Vendor Registration Form  here
SPONSORSHIP: For sponsorship packages please go here

For more information please send an email or call (773) 425-7318


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