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Hilarious Facial Expressions Of When Mahama, Rawlings, Kuffour, Amissah Arthur, Akuffo Addo…………..

Today marked the last day of the three-day national mourning of those who died during the floods and fire outbreak days ago at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle, Accra.

May their souls rest in peace. Present today was the vice president of Ghana, Amissah Arthur, Jerry John Rawlings and President Mahama.

See photos of the event today and some cooked up facial expressions.

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To my niggas on the block ya’ll …

Mahama so is it fair what you are putting the nation through? Mahama: Everything will be alright madam, sorry for your loss!

Hubby, you see Akuffo Addo and Bawumia for the back?? Mahama: Yes, pretend like you no see them

We dey enjoy wanna time …. We be the kings and queens for the land.

So these guys dress good come stand here dey pretend say e pain them …

Bawumia: Oh Nana, see the way Kuffour, J.J. dems dey the top, sake of we no chop presidency before ehn :( Nana: Bawumia you de3 keep quiet, wanna time go come.

Shouts to Nana Akuffo Addo, we shall see in 2016

Ah, you be Amissah Arthur in wife ehn? I never see you before o.

Honey, maybe we should let ourselves be seen a lot more. Amissah: Yes, I agree darling, people no dey rec us koraa.

Lordina: J.J. we beg you, endorse us make we win in 2016, you are all we have … Rawlings: I will think about it, see me in chambers

Georgina: John, I love your shada waa. Kuffour: Thanks Georgina, you still dey form paa o! Kw3!

Amissah, where you go dey? I search everywhere for you, report to my office after the event. Amissah: Yoo mate boss.

Mahama: Lordy, did J.J. say he go help we? Rawlings: Your last chance, make we talk after the event sake of plenty eyes dey here.

Georgina: Ah! who are you please? Woman respond: Oh! I am the vice president’s wife Georgina: But we don’t see you guys koraa o.

Amissah: Ah! fine pastor like this wey you talk say virgins no dey church anymore? Pastor Mills: Oh, but I no dey lie, we no dey see them in church like the way Ghanaians no dey see you

Duncan Williams: VP, we see you keep papa. Amissah: But you too, you dey worry o, u figure say everybro way e want dey like you

Lordina: Georgina, I want to be like you when I grow up, can I come for speech lessons? Georgina: You want be like who? -_-

Kuffour: The way Nana Akuffo Addo make wild de3, watch your back for 2016 o, Mahama: Oh! forget Nana, I go win again, I go fix the dumsor sharp before elections.

Rawlings: You eh, the way I bore you, you disgrace my party waa … only you, 99 troubles, no solution.

Rawlings: If enobi say we dey public like the way I go discipline you ehn! Amissah: Massa I beg (in Kwaw Kese’s voice)

Kuffour: So you want to become President, ever? Amissah: Oh naa, I beg o

Lordina: Darling, Georgina say she won’t teach me her speech techniques :( Mahama: Leave her to me, I will deal with her, one month intensive dumsor for her area -__-

Rawlings: See their faces, you spoil everything give my party. Mahama: Amissah, the way Rawlings dey pop us, I no dey feel koraa o, Amissah: Me sef, I no dey feel comfy koraa …


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