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Stop the empty promises and fix flood issues – Bishops to Mahama

The Catholic Bishops Conference has hit hard at the John Mahama administration following the death of over 150 people during the recent flood and fire explosion which hit Accra.

According to the Bishops, the government must cease the “long empty promises” and fix the problems facing the city to forestall such avoidable deaths.

“For all this time, what we have witnessed is government officials and ministers visiting flood scenes to commiserate with the victims and to make long empty promises to fix the situation,” a statement released by the Chairman of the Conference, Most Reverend Osei Bonsu noted.

It added: “Year in and year out, the same situation keeps recurring without any concrete practical steps being taken to address it holistically.”

The Conference admonished city authorities “not to give building permits to people who build their houses on water courses.

“Those who flout such building regulations must be dealt with according to the law. Every Ghanaian should accept that when we flout our laws, we will all one day inevitably face the consequences of such an act,” it said

They also extended their condolences to the bereaved families and directed all Catholics to pray for the departed and donate blood to save the ailing.

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