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Corruption in Ghana: the way out…

The statesmanship as the steer of governance of the country is characterized by bribery and corruption in all its proceedings.

These ills and madness in state institutions must be tackled by Mr. President setting up committees made up of spies, who will act as “clients” to check up on the problem of corruption in the state institutions. It is better to highly pay these committees than to watch statesmen, public and civil sector workers out of their selfish acts drain all the country off its resources.

Our corrupt leaders are the medium of oppressional attacks from the foreigners who come in the country to take up activities in the public and private sector which goes out to hamper the development of the country. Our corrupt leaders due to their foul connection with these foreign countries, companies and individuals are influenced through corruption to take on activities in and against the country all in the benefits of these foreigners at the expense of our progress. This is witnessed in cases of the sale of our state-owned enterprises, constructural contract agreements, foreign investments, development plans, monopolization of local market by foreign companies, public and private sector partnerships or relationships at public sector loss and many more.

The Ghanaian leadership currently is not building any nation for Ghanaians and it is clearly spelt out in the daily news dominated by bad issues concerning the state each and every single day we reach out for a media broadcast, and this is a clear sign of total breakdown of the state due to the corrupt nature of our leaders.


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