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NDC sets up committee to create jobs for members


Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Portuphy has announced the party has set up a committee to create jobs for party members.

Known as the Business Development Committee and chaired by Trades Minister, Ekwow Spio Gabrah, the committee is aimed at addressing the cries of party members for jobs.

Announcing the formation of the new committee at the party headquarters in Accra, Kofi Portuphy underscored the need to empower party members economically in order to sustain the activities of the party.

He explained that the committee will look at “available opportunities for our people, for ourselves, to create jobs in the private sector and possibly in the public sector as well for our people.”

The NDC chairman observed that “people are crying for jobs; we have a number of our people who have shown great initiatives and have established a number of businesses and we can use their experiences to influence the creation of jobs for our party.” He indicated that creating jobs for NDC members from the national level through to the constituency level has been of great concern to him.

He was convinced that undertaking this initiative “can empower them, we can strengthen them – both men and women so that they can earn an income and sustain the activities of our party; particularly, attending funerals, attending outdooring, attending weddings, and many social activities.”

Portuphy disclosed that sometimes when party leaders have to attend events in the regions, resident party members are mostly ill-prepared therefore, “you will have to take money from your pocket to support it once you are coming from Accra.”

“We would like to see development particularly for our people,” he stressed. Business Development Committee is one of the numerous committees which have been created by the NDC to deal with various issues to help both the development of the party and the country at large.

Some of the committees which have been inaugurated so far include the political committee, election committee, economic committee, social services committee, communication committee, disciplinary committee, complaints committee and the legal committee.

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