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Do we have honest men in Ghana? – Palmer-Buckle wonders

Archbishop Gabriel Charles Palmer-Buckle is wondering if Ghana still has “honest men” looking at the festering corruption in the country.

The Metropolitan Archbishop of Accra of the Catholic Church is alarmed by the spate of corruption in every aspect of society and feels every hand must be on deck to stamp out the menace.

“Kudos to IEA and to all the Civil Society Organizations that have kept corruption on the front burning of our country’s political discourse and it must be kept at the front burning and not the back burning,” Palmer-Buckle said at an IEA programme on corruption in Accra.

“Let’s keep it on our agenda every time… but at some points I am tempted to look for an honest man in Ghana; do we have honest men in Ghana?”

He added: “In fighting against corruption, we cannot ignore the three pillars. The National Anti-Corruption Action Plan has come up with quite an interesting document and fantastic blueprint but it has to be implemented by honest men; suggestions have come up from various sectors and these suggestions have to be implemented by honest men….most probably the search for honest men still continues.”

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