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10-year-old girl brutally defiled


A ten-year-old girl has been brutally defiled by an unknown man in Accra.

The girl, who is currently receiving treatment at the Achimota Hospital, narrated her ordeal to Adom News that a man who she cannot identify forced her into a room one afternoon and defiled her.

The unidentified man, she said, covered her mouth with a rag and forcibly inserted his manhood into her.

She continued that several pleas for the man to have mercy on her fell on deaf ears as the man determined to carry out the act on her insisted she either kept quiet or be killed.

“One afternoon after school, when I went to my father’s house to drink some water, the man grabbed me into his room, covered my mouth and threatened to kill me…when I protested I would make noise, he said he would kill me if I dare to…,” she said.

The girl said despite blood oozing from her private parts as the man attempted desperately to insert his erected penis into her female organ, the man still continued until she could bear the pain no longer.

She added that after the ordeal, she escaped with blood-stained clothes and her body soiled when she met a man on the streets who took her mum’s number and called for her rescue.

The mother of the victim, Mary Keizer told Adom News that the girl is still bleeding and she cannot sit down.

She continued that her daughter can hardly pass urine and excreta.

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