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Peace Ambassador Ntiamoah-Mensah Denounces the Cowardly Act on YFM Presenter in Ghana

Calls it; a cowardly act and a disgrace to Ghana’s well-managed international image. US based Ghanaian/American Peace Ambassador For Universal Peace Federation and Special Representative to the President of UNESCO Center for Peace, NY, His Excellency; Mr. Charles Nimmo Ntiamoah-Mensah (Mr. CNN), was disheartened to learn about the unimaginable news item about Naana Akosua Appiah Antwi aka aka Princess Ada who was gang-raped.

According to the stories making their way around the world, and accompanied by sordid images in social media, Ms Antwi, a presenter on Takoradi-based YFM Radio was kidnapped last week and sexually assaulted by some five unknown individuals. They assaulted both her body and dignity by posting selfies of their cowardly and devilish acts online. Most well-meaning people are simply disgusted and that includes the Peace Ambassador. All he can do with this medium is to pray for Mrs Ada’s speedy recovery in body, mind, and spirit; for the Ghana Police to quickly apprehend the perps; and to beg others to stop the mass distribution of the videos and pictures. The woman has suffered more than enough. Above all, the images are simply sickening

As fate would have it, Peace Ambassador Ntiamoah-Mensah doubles as a Senior Corporate Adviser to Global Media Alliance (GMA) and to its Chairman and Founder, Edward Boateng. GMA is the manager of Mrs Ada’s radio station. Thus he is doubly pained to wonder how any group of young men would do such a heinous act in the 21st century. Where is their conscience? Do they also have sisters, nieces, and mothers?. The kidnappers/rapists can run but not hide. Very soon, the world will know who they are and they will suffer the consequences.

As a Peace Ambassador, part of his duties are to promote reconciliation, overcoming of barriers; and to build peace and security. Practice “living for the sake of others” as the guiding principle for building a global community. He also uses the opportunity to champion women’s rights.

The YFM presenter did not deserve such a treatment going about her duties and those kidnappers/rapists must be dealt with severely. He believes there have been far too many cases of rape in Ghana recently, and hopefully this will rally a cry for action to stop the abuse of women and girls.In the midst of Ghana’s power crisis,some of the youth are using the pretext to terrorize victims.

Ghana’s economy might be bad to some people but there are many opportunities for the youth to take advantage of. They can learn skills that that at times do not need much capital. They should explore areas like auto mechanics, plumbing, painting, decorating, carpentry, lawn care, interior design, photography and many others. Those are skills you could get internships and learn from good companies. Those areas have good paying jobs to earn a living.

Peace Ambassador Ntiamoah-Mensah also advised the youth to be very careful when falling into the temptation of rape. To force a woman to have sex without her will is a crime and every young man must learn that. You must be mentally deranged to rape a woman. It can destroy your life. The law deals with rapist severely. We must not always blame the government or the economy. The future lies in our hands.

Peace Ambassador Ntiamoah-Mensah is a media practitioner, and the CEO of 3G Media, Inc. that this year celebrates his 15 years in Media/showbiz in. He requests maximum protection for all women in the Media and everywhere. They don’t need to be afraid of going about their daily routines.

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