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Boyfriend doubts lover’s ‘abduction’ claims

The Western Regional Police Command has taken over investigations into the alleged kidnapping and gang rape of a Takoradi based lady radio presenter.
The move according to the police was to ensure meticulous investigations into the claims of the alleged victim who was currently being examined by a team of medical doctors, a clinical psychologist and police investigators at the hospital.
Named by her employers as Ada, the presenter of Takoradi-based YFM, was said to have been abducted last week and sexually assaulted by unknown individuals. She was found Tuesday morning and was receiving treatment at the GHAPOHA Hospital in Takoradi.
She had been missing for about five days and her employers – Global Media Alliance – owners of YFM put out her name and asked the public to help find her.
Her abductors reportedly took pictures of the sexual assault, which they posted on Facebook. Some of the pictures have also been circulating on Whatsapp.
Responding to treatment
Graphiconline correspondent, Moses Dotsey Aklorbortu reported that at the hospital on Wednesday morning, the victim according to medical doctors showed an improved condition but was yet to start responding to queries from the team put together to help her.
The medical team said she was yet to make any serious statement or recall exactly what happened to her and where she was taken to.
The Western Regional Police Crime Officer, Superintendent Rubin Asiwoko explained that the police would not leave any stone unturned in solving the mystery once and for all.
The police, he said, would not take any of her claims lightly and that they would make sure the right things were done to ensure justice and asked for cooperation while investigations were underway.
Meanwhile, the boyfriend of the victim, Rahman Nunoo, speaking to journalists in Takoradi, said he doubted her claims of abduction and sexual assault.
The victim, according to the police, has gone through this same experience four times in the past with the last before the present incident recorded in February 2015.
“On several occasions, she failed to cooperate to unravel the mystery surrounding her claims,” the boyfriend told journalists.
The boyfriend said in all her alleged kidnap and rape cases, the victim gave suspicious accounts of what exactly happened to her and who raped her.
According to Nunoo, while the victim upon her return said she walked from Mankesim to her Tanokrom residence in Takoradi, [a distance that takes approximately two hours by car] the supposed kidnapers sent him [Nunoo] a text message that said they could not find the way to his house and that they had left her naked on the street.
Listen to Nunoo’s account in the audio attached below

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Asked about pictures of him [Nunoo] that have been published on social media to implicate him he said, “I must say that I have not offend anybody to warrant such attacks and can’t tell you how come the attacks,” he told our correspondent.
No cash demands
“I woke up after a message that her bag containing her cloths are in front of my door at about 12:30am. I must say that in all four cases and the current one, the supposed kidnappers don’t make any cash demand or give reasons why kidnap her,” he said.
“I must also say that from the accounts of the victim, the supposed kidnappers are always the same group of people, the only thing that change is the mobile numbers they use,” he said.
February abduction
He said with the one that happened in February, the victim told him and the friends that she was going to Accra and that her phones would be off.
Interestingly, “the kidnappers called my phone telling me that they are in the same bus with the victim and are sitting two seats behind her and ready for her abduction,” he said.
The boyfriend said “we tried to call her phone, but it was off, and later in the evening about 19:00hrs I got a text message from the supposed kidnappers that they have her.”
The mystery
He said it still remained a mystery that the kidnapers were able to place a vehicle at the exact location where the victim alighted and kidnaped her.
“In that instance, I can tell you that, days later the kidnapers claimed that they had finished with her and that we should come for her at Pampram in Accra,” he said.
“We moved from Takoradi, interestingly I had another call within two minutes, this time from the victim herself that she is in Kaneshie under the overhead bridge. To be honest with you, when I saw her, there was nothing wrong with her, when you asked her how come, she gets angry and only claimed that she was kidnapped and raped,” he said.
“I was surprised at her, because how on earth could you be kidnapped, raped and the kidnappers brought you to a crowded place such as Kanashie and you did not shout for help, in fact I doubt her claims,” he said.
Abducted 5 times – Police
On Tuesday the police in Takoradi revealed that this was the fifth time the victim has been abducted and sexually assaulted by unknown persons.
According to the police, they have recorded a total of five incidents in the last two years and that the last incident before this latest one was reported in February, 2015.
Police sources at Takoradi told Graphiconline’s Western Regional Correspondent, Moses Dotsey Aklorbortu that before she went missing last week, police intelligence picked information she was going to go missing.
Graphiconline’s Correspondent visited her at the hospital and reported doctors as saying she was responding to treatment. She was asleep at the time of the visit on Tuesday.
Doctors reported that apart from a bloodied left eye, no other physical bruises were immediately noticeable on her. She looked restless and could not talk.
Her dreadlocked hair had been trimmed.
The Doctors told our correspondent that she was brought to the hospital at about 1:30am Tuesday by two young men and a lady.
They said those who brought her to the hospital explained that she came to the house [her house] in Takoradi at about 12:30am looking restless and requested for food since she was hungry but she threw the food to the ground after it was offered to her.
They then rushed her to the hospital at Kwesimintsim from where she was referred to the GHAPHOA Hospital. She was sedated after admission.
The doctors told our correspondent that she looked traumatized and would not say a word to anybody but asked constantly about her baby and wanted to know if her baby had eaten.
Later when some of her church members visited and the doctors asked about the whereabouts of her baby, they claimed she had no baby.
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