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Azumah tips Pacquiao

Boxing legend, Azumah Nelson has tipped Filipino boxer, Manny Pacquiao to defeat Floyd Mayweather if their May 2, bout travels the full distance although he admits that the American was a slight favourite for the clash.

According to the former two-time WBC super featherweight champion, the Pacquiao’s speed will be his trump card, while Mayweather could end the bout via the short route with his superior punching power.

“If the fight goes the distance, I believe Pacquiao will win, because he is very fast, but, I believe Mayweather has more chance to win than Pacquiao because Mayweather can knock Pacquiao out and win on points too,” Nelson, nicknamed ‘The Professor’, told the Graphic Sports last Monday in an interview.

He added that the bout was going to be a close affair because both fighters were great champions in their own right.

“Boxing is a game and anything can happen like knock-out. Maybe nobody expect Pacquiao to knock Mayweather out before you realise Pqcquiao will knock him out and it will be short. Mayweather can also do same,” he said

“Boxing is like football, anything can happen. At times you expect Hearts to beat Olympics, but before you realise Olympics would have beaten Hearts.”

Azumah, himself a tough-talker in his hey day, disclosed that he had no qualms with the outspoken nature of Mayweather, noting that it was an important asset in making bouts attractive to fans.

“I am happy for both of them because this is a game and we all understand the game. In boxing you have to talk to bring the fans in; if you don’t talk you can’t attract the fans to the ring.”

Source: Daily Graphic

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