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Gotta be the Shoes: Michael Jordan Scores on Forbes’ Billionaires List
Posted by admin on 27th March 2015

Aspiring billionaires may want to head to California, where 131 individuals with 10-figure net-worths call home,Michael Jordan is once again a rookie, but he’s in the most stellar company. The best-paid athlete of all time joins a record 290 newcomers to Forbes’ annual billionaires list. Most of Jordan’s wealth comes from Nike payouts on his iconic brand, which grossed an estimated $2.25 billion in 2013, earning Jordan some $90 million, Forbes reports. His most valuable asset is his stake in the Charlotte Hornets, which is worth more than $500 million.

Forbes’ 29th annual guide to the world’s richest individuals finds an unprecedented 1,826 billionaires with an aggregate net worth of $7.05 trillion, up from $6.4 trillion last year.

The world’s top 10 billioniares, according to Forbes’ ranking, are familiar, mostly male, faces:

1. Bill Gates ($79.2 B)

2. Carlos Slim Helu ($77.1 B)

3. Warren Buffett ($72.7 B)

4. Amancio Ortega ($64.5 B)

5. Larry Ellison ($54.3 B)

6. Charles and David Koch ($42.9 B)

8. Christy Walton ($41.7 B)

9. Jim Walton ($40.6 B)

10. Liliane Bettencourt ($40.1 B)

While the United States dominates the top 10, China accounts for 71 of the 290 new billionaires to the list. Russia has lost the most ground on the list with 88 billionaires, a drop from 111. Guatemala added a billionaire to the list for the first time.

A record 46 on the list are under the age of 40. The world’s youngest billionaire is 24 year-old Evan Spiegel, co-founder of photo-messaging app Snapchat. The youngest self-made woman is 31 year-old Elizabeth Holmes, who operates blood-testing firm Theranos.

Aspiring billionaires may want to head to California, where 131 individuals with 10-figure net-worths call home, Forbes notes. This is more than any other country excluding the United States and China. Twenty-three of these are new to the list, including Uber cofounders Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp, and their first employee Ryan Graves.

Of the billionaires on Forbes’ list, 1,391 are self-made, while just under 230 inherited their wealth. Another 405 inherited at least a portion of their wealth but are still working to be like Mike and increase their fortunes. A record 197 women made the list this year, up from 172 in 2014.

Missing from the list this year are 138 people who had made it in 2014, including fashion designer Michael Kors and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.
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