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African Americans complain of “disgusting” corruption in Ghana


Chief Nimo @ Ghanafest 2014

Chief Nimo @ Ghanafest 2014

Some African Americans who have traced their ancestry to Ghana say they are “disgusted” by the “high level” of corruption within government institutions across the country.

The returnees who pointed accusing fingers at the Ghana Immigrations Service especially; said some officials of the institution demanded bribes from them as a prerequisite to granting them a Ghanaian citizenship card.

Some of them, who insist they have met the requirements for attaining citizenship, said the immigration officers are convincing them to marry Ghanaians to make it easier for them to become citizens.

Speaking in an interview with Starr News’ Ashanti regional correspondent Isaac Bediako Justice Monday after the 8th Pan African Congress in Accra, the African Americans said they are looking for an opportunity to meet authorities of the Ghana Immigration service and the Minister of Foreign affairs to lodge a complaint.

“When you come back and want to feel like you belong to something and come back to what you feel is your motherland, you still don’t feel like you are home; you still don’t feel like there is anybody here to welcome you here when you get here,” one of them has said.

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