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The Late Linda Afriyie’s Death : Rebuttal Report

Source: Michael Apiagyei


The sudden and sad news, regarding the death of Linda Afriyie has been an unpleasant, shocking, painful and quite a disturbing piece of news to her family members, church members, work associates, friends and the entire Ghanaian community and all those who had a chance to know her closely.

Linda’s death occurred Monday, the 26th of January at the Whitehall street station in Manhattan at 9:30 am. Due to the suddenness of the incident, the family is still going through an excruciating pain, more so because of the unfortunate mis-interpretation associated with her death. That Linda Afriyie committed suicide by jumping into a rail track of an on-coming train. Currently, a lot of unfortunate and unsubstantiated series of “Suicide” stories have been going on like a wild viral e-mail, with negative rippling effects tarnishing the image of the late Linda Afriyie’s enviable family reputation. This wrong and false information, purportedly coming from some Ghanaians and also from NYPD as it was mentioned in NEWSPITTER is quite sad and highly unappreciated by her family members and relatives.

The NEWSPITTER on twitter wrote “Linda Afriyie, Ghanaian Woman Jumps In front Of Subway Train 
Jan 31st, 2015 at 1:49 pm” (go to the link The NEWSPITTER wrote, “The mystery surrounding the disappearance of a Ghanaian woman came to a tragic close after police revealed she jumped in front of an on-coming train at Whitehall Street Station in Manhattan”. The series of un-answered questions include but not limited to the ff: Did she really jump into the rail tracks of an on-coming train? Was she pushed? Was she dizzy and consequently fell into the tracks? What are NYCTA/MTA surveillance cameras showing? The NEWSPITTER further wrote, “Linda Afriyie, 54, was struck and killed by a Southbound “R” train as it entered the Whitehall Street Station Monday at 9:30 am according to a statement from the office of the NYPD’s Deputy Commissioner for Police Public Information”.

As the unsubstantiated “Suicide” stories were spreading far and wide, neither of the family members had been contacted by NYPD nor the MTA. Ideally to globally publish such a damaging material, one would have expected that such a public material should have been based on verifiable sources including:
a) MTA’s surveillance cameras at the Whitehall Street Station, where the incident occurred; b) Medical Examiners autopsy report; c) Medical history/report from her primary Physician.

Another publication in circulation, which carries wrong and false statements has linked the incident to a
20 year old divorce. According to her friends, the divorced husband had a habit of cheating on Linda, who as a result developed emotional issues. So, she decided to end it all that Monday by jumping in front of a moving train. This divorce apparently happened about 20 years ago (1995). Linda had already overcome the pain associated with the divorce or whatever was the reason for it. She was living happily in a meaningful and prosperous life with her three (3) children under her maternal care. Currently, preparations are underway for the eldest daughter to marry traditionally and have her wedding planned within the next month. Linda was a Christian believer very ardent in her faith in God, serving sincerely in the Ghana Pentecost Church, Staten Island.
May Her Soul Rest in Perfect Peace?

At this juncture, the circumstances surrounding her death and its interpretation are being investigated at verifiable sources by her Attorneys. The truth about this ordeal will surely come to light.
But, in the interim, let us hold our peace, and stop peddling around false and baseless information or rumors of “Suicide”.

Sincerely submitted by : Family members and relatives of the late Linda Afriyie

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