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‘Dumsor’ deadline: “My neck is on the line” – Power Minister
Posted by admin on 27th February 2015

Power Minister Dr Kwabena Donkor has said his December 2015 deadline to end the power crisis in Ghana has put his “neck on the line.”

“I’ve given a timeline that by the end of this year, there will be no load shedding in Ghana. My neck is on the line, my political career is on the line. How I do it, the media will not dictate to me,” he told Bernard Nasara Saibu Thursday after the President presented the state of the nation address to parliament.

The Pru East MP has, therefore told the media to disregard any other timelines given by other Ministers and Government appointees, except that of the President, about when the crisis will end.

He was responding to questions from Nasara Saibu about when exactly the crisis will end, since different people in Government have bandied about in the media, different timelines and deadlines.

Dr Donkor in early February promised to resign as Minister if the power crisis persists beyond December 2015.

President John Mahama has vowed to hold the Pru East MP to his word.

According to him, “I am the Minister for power, so when it comes to power, my word, except the word of the President, must prevail…and the President publicly stated to me that he is holding me responsible to my timeline so why should I be worried about other people’s timeline?” Dr Donkor asked.

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