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Victoria Hammah

Ghana enjoys “negative peace” – Vicky Hamah


Ghana appears to be peaceful because some citizens are cowed by the possibility of a violent reaction from the security agencies if they were to dissent from the status quo, former deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hamah has observed.

According to her, there are simmering religious and ethnic undercurrents that could spark tension in the country.

Her comments come on the back of a planned demonstration by Muslims in the Western region over discrimination against Islamic students who attend Christian mission schools.

The Muslims claim their children, for example, are forced by school authorities to attend church services on Sunday.

Commenting on the development on Morning Starr on Starr 103.5FM Friday, Hamah said the situation is unacceptable.

“If I look at the current Ghanaian culture, we may seem to be peaceful but we are enjoying negative peace.

“Until we put in measures, policies and structures where we can address things in comprehensive and a positive direction, we are not far from experiencing violent upheavals like is happening in our neighbouring countries,” Hamah warned.

When asked by host Kafui Dey about what she meant by “Ghana enjoying negative peace”, the controversial politician explained: “When we have seemingly peaceful environment and culture but also have seemingly violent considerations.

“People feeling they are being marginalised, questions of identities and all that. And these are not helping, we are enjoying peace because we have coercive force – the police and the military – so people are forced to conform to the system, but people do not really feel that they are part of the system”

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