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Ghanaians won’t join NPP’s ‘WonGbo’ demo – Afotey Agbo

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“Can I ask him just one question? Afotey Agbo, do you think NDC members are the only Ghanaians or you are aware some aliens are in town to demonstrate?” ….Samuel Adranyi…Registered member @

Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo , Greater Accra Regional Minister

Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo , Greater Accra Regional Minister

The Greater Accra Regional Minister, Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo has convicted the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) as lacking any justification whatsoever to lead a demonstration against the government.

He said the NPP is well known for what it represents, and their works while in government proved they have nothing to offer Ghanaians.

He has therefore challenged the NPP to put forward what new ideas they have for Ghanaians after they were booted out of office for poor performance.

The NPP is leading what it says is a national demonstration dubbed “Wongbo” (we are dying, literally) to protest the government’s handling of the ongoing energy crisis, which the NPP says has been abysmal.

But speaking on Radio Gold Tuesday morning with Kofi Otchere Darko, the minister retorted: “Why were they kicked out of office? Were people not dying before they were kicked out of office? What new are they going to bring on board?”

He said a party that did not have even a single member with courage enough to stand up against the ill-advised cedi denomination which reduced ten cedis to one Ghana cedi, cannot hoodwink discerning Ghanaians into buying into their agenda.

“We were in this country when we didn’t have a clean, clean level-headed, straightforward person, not even one to say no, you don’t do this. We have gone through situations, when ten cedis became one cedi in this country… They have no justification, … and they are looking at putting dust into the eyes of the people, cedis was changed into Ghana cedis, what is the difference…?”

Afotey Agbo said when the bad policy was implemented, none in the NPP had the “guts and the balls” to stop it but “today people have the balls and the guts to come out and complain under a respectful leadership? Somebody who has love for people? Somebody who respects every Ghanaian? Somebody who is not selective, you come out to demonstrate against him for going all out to make sure that the worse problems that they left behind is being sorted?”

He said “Ghanaians are not stupid, they are very smart people” who can discern between the lines and so the NPP could go ahead with its demonstration but should not expect level headed Ghanaians and others who know the NPP too well to join in the demonstration.

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