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President Mahama and his Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani,

Prosper Bani destroying Mahama’s presidency

Source: The Informer

When the Majority Leader, Honourable Alban Sumani Bagbin, had occasion to take on President John Dramani Mahama for surrounding himself with “family and friends”, and toying with the governance process, the astute Legislature certainly knew what he was talking about.

The writing is now clear on the wall, and President John Dramani Mahama can no longer run away from the fact that his “Family and Friends”, have conspired to reduce his image to “Ground Zero”.

For the past two (2) weeks, the President and the Presidency have been under very heavy “artillery” attack as a result of the total confusion that has engulfed the Seat of Government, which is borne out of greed and show of power among his appointees, especially the Chief of Staff.

The confusion hit the roof last week when two top officials walked out of the Presidency under very bizarre and embarrassing circumstances.

Last week, the inexperienced and extremely infantile management style of Chief of Staff Prosper Kwaku Douglas Bani, forced Executive Secretary to the President, Dr. Raymond Atuguba, and Communications Consultant & Presidential Spokesperson, Ben Dotse Malor, to tender their resignations.

Raymond and Malor have decided that they can no longer sit idle at the Presidency and watch Prosper Bani mismanage and rundown the President’s image, and also turn the Governance process into a comedy of errors.

Prosper Bani, who had no appreciable administrative experience prior to his appointment as Chief of Staff, has successfully succeeded in working very hard to make things very difficult for President Mahama and the NDC Government.

Prosper Bani does not know how the NDC fought tooth and nail to win the 2012 election, and he is fast tracking the NDC into opposition come 2016.

Indeed, the only good (?) thing that Prosper Bani has done; is the way he “loyally” follows the President around like a bodyguard.

Instead of sitting in his office to work; Prosper Bani rather prefers to wear the same attire as the President, and escort his boss to every public function.

As it stands, Prosper Bani is more interested in being seen in public with the President than helping the President to efficiently manage the affairs of the State.

Information reaching this paper has it that President Mahama is fed-up with the gross non-performance of Prosper Bani, but seems hand-tied, and does not have the “balls” to get rid of, obviously, the most lousy Chief of Staff Ghana has ever had.

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