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IMANI wonders: Who is calling the shots in Ghana?


IMANI Ghana’s Kofi Bentil has questioned who is currently running the affairs of the nation which according to him, seems to be in a mess.

“…who is calling the shots? There must be a voice, there must be a direction and a certain sense of where we are going and people shape up and we live in a country today and you can’t tell who is running things,” he remarked.

Media reports earlier suggested that the Chief of Staff, Prosper Bani, the President’s Executive Secretary and Communications Advisor, Raymond Atuguba and Ben Dotse Malor respectively, had been sacked.

But a statement from the Flagstaff House signed by the Chief of Staff Prosper Bani, clarified that, Mr. Malor had concluded his one-year contract as Communications Advisor and was returning to the United Nations (UN) while Atuguba was also returning to the University of Ghana following the end of his two-year sabbatical leave.

The statement also gave indications that he [Prosper Bani] was still at post and not dismissed as being reported.

However, speaking on Citi FM’s news analysis programme The Big Issue Kofi Bentil mentioned that currently at the center of government, “there is a whole seeming mess.”

There are also reports of power play in the energy sector, involving the Ministries of Petroleum, Power and authorities at the helm of the National Petroleum Authority and Ghana Gas Company Limited.

He indicated that during the era of President John Rawlings, “you will have no doubt who is charge! Absolutely none! You can be a Professor with thousand degrees, but you will know Jerry is in charge, and you will do what he says or deal with him.”

In a related development, Financial Analyst, Sydney Casely-Hayford was also of the view that there is “a huge mess of misunderstanding within the Presidency, within the key areas that we are trying to manage.”

He wondered whether “we [Ghanaians] don’t understand or government is trying to dribble us with everything that is going on which we don’t understand.”

Casely-Hayford observed that there are so many “power vacuums sitting around the place [Flagstaff House] and that is a recipe for disaster because where you have a position that is not available and is not being manned by anybody, somebody will step in and start giving information.”

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