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Western region Chiefs fume at gov’t over oil proceeds

The Western region House of Chiefs is angry over the refusal of Government to grant its request for a ten percent share of Oil revenue.

The traditional rulers in the western region are hoping to use the money to develop the area and reduce poverty.

Vice President of the regional House of Chiefs Nana Agyemang IX told Starr News they will not take kindly to further delays of their request.

“In a situation where we do not get what we require, there is frustration and anger.

“As we speak now, our subjects are angry with us. People think Nananom (Chiefs) in the region are not doing enough. If you come to the Western region you will see about 18 kilometers of rubber but how has that rubber benefited us?

“In a situation where government was going to put the Ghana rubber estate on the divestiture and the Chiefs on whose land the rubber was, demanded only five percent of the proceeds, government refused. In such situations, what can the people of Western region do?” he queried.


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