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“The Reflections of an NDC activist”

In my moments of absolute tranquility, I find a thousand reasons why I should quit politics and venture into something else that will shield me completely away from the naked dangers that I am currently exposed to in politics. For a young lady who entered politics fundamentally because she was inspired and motivated by a vision to serve and contribute her quota towards national development, I initially expected the journey to be smooth because of the genuineness of my vision.

I had a clarity of purpose and my actions have always been motivated by that vision. For me, I saw the opportunity to serve as a privilege and I was determined to make a mark, especially on my colleague young women who are faced with several hazards in our political space.

My political journey so far took me through several experiences but I believe it is for me to recount later, may be in a memoir when I reach the highest echelon of political authority in my life. By then, my story would have been told in several places and I would have achieved my ultimate goal of been an inspiration to the younger generation- a goal I am focused on achieving whether in politics or any field of endeavor. I refuse to see politics as the only means by which I can inspire my generation. I concede politics and political power are powerful tools that can be used to affect society and influence change but I have never stopped believing that my personal story can do even more.

I have been a member of the National Democratic Congress all my political life and I have actively been a defender of this great party but there is no modicum of doubt that my decision to contest for the Deputy National Youth Organizer shot me into the prominence of the internal party politicking.

When I took the decision to contest, it was an act of “disobedience” to the many “big men” who out of their own self-interest, said it was mission impossible, I defied the many voices of cynicism who thought I could not win, I defied the many voices of dissention who said I needed to step down for their “darling boys” this time so that in the next election, the same courtesy could be extended to me. Why did I disobey them?  I must admit I felt like bowing out of the race but a particular phrase repeated through the dissenting voices, that phrase got me thinking and I solemly decided to take responsibility of my political future and the future of the youth who need true leadership, a leadership that can energise them to work whole heartedly for our dear party, a leadership they can trust and a leadership that provides them with endless possibilities – that is the kind of leadership that I wanted to provide.  The phrase was “Elorm, we know you are competent and can do the job, but ….”.   My challenge was, if they truly believe I am up to the task, why not support me ? Why tell me it’s not my time ? and who defines whose time it is to make the needed impact ? I pondered over these questions and for several nights, sleep eluded me because I needed to make a decision. To cut a long story short, I decided to contest against all odds.

I knew it was a difficult and rocky path I chose for myself but in all these, the generic interest of the NDC and the NDC youth was my motivation. I was ready to go through intimidation, embarrassment and all manner of dangers because I believed the time was just ripe for the NDC youth to experience a new form of leadership. I will narrate my experience on the campaign trail in another memo.

The aftermath of the election has been the most difficult time in my young life. My political future has been threatened and even the members of my vibrant team have been threatened by the uncertainty of the way-forward.

My only crime is that, I refused to accept the “twisted verdict” and I am pursuing justice through the laid down party structures. I do not want to go into details about the case because the National Executive Committee of the party is yet to take a final decision on it but I want to assure all that the NDC was founded by men and women of unwavering courage and bravery. I do not mind losing my political future but what I will never compromise is my addiction to Justice, fairness and truth because these were the fundamental virtues on which the National democratic Congress was founded. If we compromise these virtues, then there is no difference between us and the other political parties. The principles and virtues must remain supreme.

As went round the country campaigning, I met several young people of our party whose hunger and thirst for “leadership” must be satisfied. I met many others who sacrificed their personal resources for me because they believed in me.

I am facing daunting challenges because of my resolve to get justice, I am been bullied because I am a woman, I am been intimidated because I do not have any “big man” as my pillar but in all these challenges, I continue to draw inspiration from the young people in the party who have been encouraging me. I continue to draw strength from God who has been faithful to me and my team has been extremely supportive in this regard.

I want to inspire my generation, I want to send a clear message to the young people in the NDC especially the ladies that the time to kowtow to pressures from above is long gone, the time where we give in to their pressures and bullying is long gone. We ought to start building an NDC that inspires young people and encourages innovation. An NDC that provides opportunity for all young people irrespective of which family they come from, an NDC that encourages commitment without inducement.

I want to groom a generation of youth in NDC who abhors sycophancy. That remains my aim and I am resilient and remain resolute. Let me borrow a phrase from one of the young guys in my team (name withheld), he always tell me “I remain loyal”. My loyalty to the NDC will never fade away; not in the face of these challenges. To my teeming supporters, I say “I remain loyal”.  If anyone thinks “killing” my ambitions is an end to my vision, the person may be day dreaming because even beyond me, the revolution will continue. You can chain the revolutionary with diabolism but my convictions remain firm.


Thank you for reading.

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