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Franklin Cudjoe : President Imani

OccupyGhana will match Mahama’s government fire for fire!

Franklin Cudjoe writes ” Good Sunday morning to you all. I know yesterday most of you were quite glad that there were instant replies to berserk commentary from the Minister for Agriculture made in the comfort of inglorious company on Radio Gold. This will be the method now.F

President Mahama

President Mahama

ire for fire but as always ours will be measured, factual and convincing. It must be said that this is the one country we have seen questionable characters in our unfortunate political employ, who whilst wasting our taxes still have the audacity to insult us for asking why there is massive payroll fraud. Please be informed the OccupyGhana movement is NOT like the CJA (NDC) or AFAG(NPP) who are seasonal pressure groups. The movement now and ever will be made up of serious professionals and individuals who earned their upkeep not from the spoils of political boot licking, but willing to share their knowledge and resources out of a desire to correct the wrongs in society. As you are all aware, one such person is the internationally acclaimed Lawyer, Kojo Anan Ankomah with more than twenty years of practical experience and who manages what is the largest well organised Law firm in Ghana. Incidentally, as head of the Legal Team of OccupyGhana, just one charge on the Auditor-General to perform his duties has shaken the entire government to the core, and we now believe, the government has now decided to consciously send all its fat-feeding attack dogs on decent persons like Ace Ankomah and all members of OccupyGhana.


Well, we are ready for a joy ride!! However, we will not be distracted. This week, the Auditor -General’s Nicodemus appeal to OccupyGhana to literally hasten slowly so it can put its house in order will be published by OccupGhana. If just one simple action of OccupyGhana has received several commendable mentions from Presdient Mahama and his Finace Minsiter Tekper, it appears funny that a Minister of Agriculture could be this wasteful in showering wasteful commentary on what his superiors have come to acknowledge. OccupyGhana is not done! There is more. On a personal level, I have just intercepted a damming report by an International Audit firm that worked on the Controller and Accountant General’s and the verdict is simply that until we have a third party, independent of the Controller and Finance Ministry audit the payroll and actually manage it, the IMF essentially would be wasting their time and money on a programme for Ghana. I am convinced that in the current shceme of things, we WILL NEVER clean our payroll of ghosts.


Whilst there has been a 70% outsourcing of the payroll to credible IT professionals FORCED ON OUR GOVERNMENT BY OUR DEVELOPMENT PARTNERS, DFID AND THE EU in particular, sadly the remaining 30% is in the hands of the Government’s Controller and that is where all the ghost recruitment parties are held. Do NOT believe a single word from the Controller and associates on what has been done to save the fraudulent payroll. There has been many more ghosts added to the payroll. I shall be handing over the details of this to OCCUPYGHANA and we will Occupy for God and Country.Meanwhile OCCUPYGHANA has over 28,000 followers on Facebook.”

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