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Married mother accused of having an affair ordered to publicly BREASTFEED her ‘lover

A married mother-of-two from India accused of cheating on her husband has been forced to breastfeed her younger lover in public, according to police.

The 24-year-old woman, who lives in the small village of Wardha, Mudhya Predesh province, was also beaten by a mob and then tonsured – a religious practice of shaving someone’s head to show shame or humility.

According to officers the mother had been having an affair with a man in his 20s named Kamlesh, and decided to elope with him to neighbouring Gujarat province days before the attack.

However her husband found her and brought her back to the village on New Year’s Eve, where she was taken in front of council elders who ordered the unusual punishment.

Villagers then carried out the orders despite the husband objecting, saying he was expecting a less severe sentence.

After the attack the woman called police, and said she and her lover had been beaten, had both been forced to shave their heads, and later she was forced to breastfeed him.

Officers from Alirajpur said they had received a complaint about 11 people from the village, had registered charges against them, and made several arrests.

Police chief Akhilesh Jha told the Hindustan Times: ‘The villagers came to know of the [affair] and brought the couple back.

‘A panchayat [tribal council] was called and it allegedly ordered that hair of both be cut. Later, the woman was allegedly forced to breastfeed the man in the presence of villagers.

‘The police have detained some suspects and they are being questioned.’

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