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As a native of Akim Ofoase, I am utterly scandalized to see many publications on internet about a supposed formation of Boko Haram replica group at Akim Ofoase.
The issues at stake have being swept under the carpet and one those mischief builders thrown into the public domain have been swallowed as the gosple truth.
I can assure the general public that, the issue in the public domain is a half truth.
Yes, it true that there is a group formed which has a blessing of not only the zongo chiefs and imams but the main Ofoase chief and his elders including police.
The group is the usual community watchdog form in most part of the country, there are many successed that these group has chalked ,among them include, reduction at the rate of stealing and gambliing , increase in enrollment drive in the schools by curbing the truancy, some smokers of weed have been apprehended and handed over to the police.
On the issue of police being soft to the group ,they investigated the issue and having the fact.
Thanks for your time and space.

Awale Mohammed Hamid
phone :0249723277

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