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Ghana’s MPs are ineffective – Nunoo Mensah
Posted by admin on 25th December 2014

Members of Parliament in Ghana are behaving as if they are part of the Executive arm of government and that is inimical to development, the Head of Human Security at the National Security Secretariat has observed.

According to Brigadier General Joseph Nunoo Mensah (Rtd), MPs have become praise singers and instead of being critical of government, they are rather dancing to the tune of the Presidency.

“We are supposed to have a Parliament which is independent of the Executive. Unfortunately, I don’t see them to be independent,” the ex-National Security Advisor told Accra-based Citi FM.

Nunoo Mensah bemoaned the current situation where the legislature has become a rubber stamp offshoot of government, saying even members of the majority must keep the government on its toes

“If a party is in power, the membership of the party in Parliament is supposed to be critical even of the government and come out with fair criticisms if the government policy is not right but we don’t have it. So the Parliamentarians are not effective as they should be,” the former chief of defense staff opined.

He added: “Parliament is behaving as if it’s part of the Executive but they should be independent and they should and be critical but they are not.”

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