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Wheelchair bound Ivor Greenstreet..

Bagbin’s truth demon possessed me, I’m following his steps – Ivor

General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Ivor Greenstreet has said the same “truth demon” that possessed Majority Leader Alban Bagbin and caused him to “heavily criticise” his own Government, is what also entered him at the governing party’s national delegates’ congress in Kumasi.

In response to Greenstreet’s blunt accusation of the President and his government of perpetuating corruption and foisting economic hardships on Ghanaians with careless abandon, Bagbin told Starr FM that the wheelchair-bound Lawyer and politician may have been possessed by a demon to speak the way he did at the governing party’s delegates’ congress held Saturday in Kumasi at the Baba Yara stadium.

Greenstreet told President John Mahama and Vice President Kwesi Amissah-Arthur in the face, when he mounted the stage to share his party’s solidarity message with the NDC at the congress that: “You don’t care”.

“Nobody is feeling your better Ghana”, Greenstreet shouted. In the full glare of the President, Vice President, former President Jerry Rawlings, and thousands of leaders and supporters of the NDC, a defiant Greenstreet said: “…Currently nobody, I mean nobody is feeling your better Ghana.”

“Continuous ‘dumsor dumsor,’ corruption from top to bottom, left right inside out, and all the challenges you are facing [are] suffocating the Ghanaian people.”

He added: “We would have thought that perhaps you may have used an occasion like this to discuss policies, programmes and solutions to all the difficulties we are facing as a nation, but no, you chose today to share your Christmas gifts with each other.”

“Ghanaians are not happy at all. This ‘bronya’ is dry. Too too dry,” he told the President, adding: “The most painful thing of all is that you don’t care.”

“NDC continue, we are watching you, Ghana is watching you, do what you want to do, we also know what we’ll come and do…make sure you’ll elect executives who will be able to steer your parties affairs when you are in opposition. Boys abr3.”

Bagbin, in response told Starr FM’s Bernard Nassara Saibu at the congress grounds that Greenstreet’s message was “completely out of place”, adding: “…It was unexpected that solidarity messages will turn into a very acidic criticism of the NDC Government and my very good brother Greenstreet took all of us by surprise because that is not his nature, so I don’t know what demon entered him at that time.”

Asked by Nassara Saibu if he thought Greenstreet was really demon-possessed, Bagbin said: “Yes”.

In direct response to Bagbin, Greenstreet told Kafui Dey that: “My senior brother and comrade Alban Bagbin, the majority leader is right. Perhaps I was possessed by demons and the name of that demon is the truth demon and I believe that he himself has been possessed by the truth demon before and has seen fit to heavily criticise his own government and his own presidency and the situation that the government itself finds itself in, so perhaps I’m following in his steps and I think we all need to be possessed by the truth demon once in a while.”

“In fact the singular body, which needs to be possessed by that truth demon is the national democratic congress itself…” Greenstreet added.

In November 2013, Bagbin accused President Mahama of running a government of “family and friends.” He also said the President was not tackling corruption allegations levelled against the government. The former health Minister’s tirade, at the time, sparked a furore, especially on social media, between him and some presidential staffers and Ministers of State.

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