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NDC supporters chase Ivor Greenstreet
Posted by admin on 21st December 2014


Angry delegates of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) charged on the Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) as he was wheeled away from the inner perimeter of the Kumasi Sports stadium on Saturday.

The CPP scribe who drove in a wheel chair to the congress grounds was the first to deliver a solidarity message to the umbrella family.

Mr. Ivor Greenstreet attracted the anger of the delegates after he openly criticized the NDC and President Mahama for giving Ghanaians bad leadership since his assumption of office.

“No one is feeling better Ghana… Ghanaians are not happy at all…,” were among the various ‘unpleasant’ phrases used by the CPP man as he thronged the stadium to offer the solidarity message.

The bad governance, Mr. Greenstreet said, has led to the acute power crisis in the country which is killing industries and crippling the country’s economy.

The effect of this bad governance, he continued, is the worsening of the economic crisis in the country.

“This bronya is dry, too, too dry…,” he said to the angry NDC delegates.

Mr. Greenstreet continued that, his disappointment in the government was heightened by the fact that instead of aspirants of the NDC using their campaigns to profess solutions and alternatives, they rather chose to embark on freebies spree.

“You rather decided to use [the] occasion to share Christmas gifts instead…,” he said.

His wish for the NDC, he added, would be for them to elect national executives who can best stair affairs of the party while in opposition.

These statements irritated supporters of the NDC, who shouted away, away, signifying their dislike of the message.