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We have created Ghana’s many challenges – Rawlings to NDC


Founder of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), ex-President John Rawlings have accused some members of the party and government of creating the many challenges the nation is saddled with.

He explained that the situation could be attributed to some government and party officials who have placed their selfish desires above the development of the nation.

Addressing NDC delegates at the 8th National Delegates Congress currently underway in Kumasi, the former President said: “We in the NDC cannot play the ostrich and overlook the many challenges we have created and the winding path we have carved for ourselves.”

“We have to admit that some political appointees and even party officials as well, have allowed their individual interests to override the national interest,” he added.

He admonished the NDC to accept that its government is facing huge political and economic challenges, adding that, “we are doing our best, but we need to do better.”

The ex-President also advised the NDC members to realize that perceptions about the party “have also placed the image of the government and party in a negative light.”

Mr. Rawlings sent a note of caution to the party saying, “I have known from the beginning that no enemy was big enough to destroy us. At the same time, I have also known that it is our own internal weaknesses that can destroy us; no enemy is big enough to destroy us, it is our own treachery, our own weaknesses that can destroy us. This is why we have to do everything possible to control those weaknesses.”

The NDC founder was optimistic that the party is on the brink of experiencing a massive turnaround to the benefit of members and the nation as a whole.

“It is evident that the party already feels a charge of renewed energy that should not be allowed to dissipate after this election. This energy has to be tapped and not destroyed by the parochial intentions of just a handful of people. That energy can be maintained if we embrace the truth,” he remarked.

He pointed out that the dynamic future of the NDC “lies in our women, the wise old comrades and especially the youth who are hungry, ambitious, focused and ready to fight for the core values of what the NDC stands for and that is truth, transparency, integrity and a people centered movement.”

He added that the “strength and the trust of the people cannot be taken for granted and should be harnessed and harvested here in the quality and caliber of leaders we elect today.”

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