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Unpaid Ho nurses eating gari to survive
Posted by admin on 14th December 2014

Some aggrieved nurses in the Volta Regional capital, Ho say they have been compelled to survive on gari for the past few months because the Government has failed to pay their salaries for the past 20 months.

They are threatening to go on strike if their accumulated salaries are not paid within two weeks.

“Some of us have been surviving on gari only. For two months now. Morning and evening…Nurses are also human beings. Eight months without salaries is not good,” the group’s leader Theophilus Doh told STARR FM’s Regional Correspondent Lambert Atsivor.

The group, led by some of its leaders, submitted a petition to the President through the Volta Regional Minister outlining their concerns and terms for continuing their service.

Doh said most of their members are getting frustrated on the job because they are not being “given their due”.

“Right now, our landlords are sending us out of our apartments…we are suffering. We wake up, we don’t eat.”

A female nurse who was part of the demonstrators said: “They don’t even provide transportation fares for our home visits. Anytime we ask for transportation for home visits, they tell us to walk. How can you walk on an empty stomach? As for this time we are serious. We want our money.”

Source: Ghana/