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Volta chiefs angry with Mahama



Chiefs in the Volta Region have expressed anger over government’s failure to fix the deplorable roads in the Region.

Residents in the region on Thursday embarked on a demonstration to express their grievance against the Mahama-led administration for “neglecting the region.”

According to the chiefs, the government had, on numerous occasions, failed to fulfill its promises made to the region, especially with issues regarding the poor nature of roads in the region.

“We are not happy at all about the government because whenever people travel to Ho, you will become a multi-colored human being as you will be either red or black,” Torgbui Koku Ahiem IV, a paramount chief of the area said.

They emphasized on the poor nature of the major roads in many parts of the region.

“We have always mentioned the Eastern corridor road, but right now the narration is from Tema motor ways upwards. The roads from Shito upwards are terrible with lots of potholes,” another chief added.

Meanwhile, the Volta Regional Minister, Helen Ntoso, has assured the chiefs and residents of the region that the government will soon address their concerns.

Mrs Ntoso advised that the series of demonstrations in the region will not bring development.

“When you are not too sure about what is happening in the Volta Region our doors as Regional Coordinating council are always open to you all. If you are in doubt, ask questions and then we will address them accordingly but going on the street to demonstrate will not help us at all as the good people of this region,” she said.

She added that the government is presently planning to include the Volta Region in its development plans.

She, therefore, advised the residents to exercise patience and desist from embarking on demonstrations.

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