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T.D Jakes calls for thinking leaders to transform economy


Renowned American preacher, Bishop T.D Jakes has called for a team of thinking and vibrant leaders to inspire the much needed transformation the country expects.

According to him, Ghana needs innovative and resourceful leaders with ideas to transform the country and not leaders who act in their own interests.

Addressing a breakfast meeting of corporate leaders put together by the Action Chapel International, Bishop Jakes charged Ghanaians to do away with mediocrity.

He said in order for the country to develop, it will need a group of leaders who can think of new ideas and are “assets and not liabilities.”

These leaders according to Bishop Jakes should be people who are “bringing something to the table and are willing to help the country get to where it wants to get to.”

He said until the country finds these people, it will be surrounded by those who are mediocre and will not contribute anything to the development and growth of the Nation.

President John Mahama who was present at the meeting expressed solidarity with the African-American community in the United States who have been protesting over perceived police impunity and brutality.

According to him, the protests are a sign that America has its own problem and is in need of true leadership.

President Mahama said the struggle on civil rights is not over and that the situation calls for a leadership of a new generation of Martin Luther King’s and other renowned civil right leaders in America to rise and fight against the abuse against blacks in that country.

He is however confident that with the presence of T.D Jakes and other strong African-American personalities in America, the next phase of the African –American struggle can be fought and won.

Former President John Agyekum Kufuor was also present at the meeting.

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