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Ghana:MP’s new chair scatters
Posted by admin on 5th November 2014


Sample of Chinese Chairs Credit David Andor
Sample of Chinese Chairs
Credit David Andor
Just two days into occupying the new seats in Parliament, some Members are having a tough time with them as parts are already peeling.

Anyaa Sowutuom MP Shirley Ayorkor Botchwey is the first victim as her seat’s wheels came off during sitting on Wednesday.

The furnishing of the main chamber with Chinese products has incensed a section of the public including some legislators, who made a strong case for Ghanaian companies in the provision of such facilities.

Woodworkers have also expressed disappointment, pointing out that they feel snubbed by the move to import the chairs and desks from China.

Ms Botchwey has resisted from blaming the Chinese for an inferior product, but she hopes the facilities last longer, our correspondent said.