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Video: AMA boss manhandles ‘stubborn trotro’ driver
Posted by admin on 5th November 2014

The Accra Mayor, Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, last Saturday unleashed his anger on a supposedly “stubborn” commercial bus driver who was working during the national clean-up exercise.

In a video footage, the angry mayor was seen manhandling the driver who honked at the crowd cleaning up the street, supposedly asking for them to move out of his way.

The mayor was angered by the driver’s act, especially when they were attempting to make the city cleaner.

“Come on park the car, I said park! Nonsense!” the AMA boss fumed while ordering a policeman around to “let the persons alight and lock him up… he has to be disciplined.”

“…If you don’t have value for human rights, I will teach you a lesson. Lock him up and lock the vehicle up…Come on get down! Come on get down.”

In the video below, the AMA boss drags the driver out of the vehicle and tells the policeman, “handcuff him, handcuff him!”

Realising that the media were filming the incident, unperturbed Oko said “let them film it; I want them to film him…I want you to show it.”