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Black Man PROVES Adam and Eve Biblical Story is a LIE : His DNA Dates Back 338 THOUSAND YEARS!

Editor’s Note: This page is not meant to criticize God, but is critical of this story’s attempt at explaining God’s work.

As a prefix, the story of Adam and Eve has always perplexed me. The theory of a talking snake, and a woman being created from the rib of a man never quite made logical sense to me. It awes me that this story is referenced and held in high esteem so often, when in my view the man would obviously have been born from the woman. Think about that–how many living organisms on earth are born from the male?  The Seahorse is the only example I’m aware of. It is part of nature that the female energy is always the creator of life. It is a bit of a travesty that we have attempted to rob women of this by attributing the creation of life to the male (through God) in this story. I could go deeper, but I won’t. Actually, perhaps I will just ask a few questions that I typically have when I read things like this. This story is supposed to represent the introduction of sin to humans. So, some people believe that all babies are born in sin as a result of this.

  • Why would an all powerful able to do anything God ( omnipotent) punish an innocent baby who does not know sin for something that Man did in the beginning?
  • Furthermore, why would God punish Adam and Eve- who knew no sin- all because God placed a tree there for them, especially when Eve was tempted by a snake that God also placed there? Why would you place a tree of Good and Evil in a place where people don’t even know of a such thing called evil? Why create a snake to tell someone to do evil when they don’t even know what evil is?
  • Why couldn’t an all powerful God just forgive everyone, and wipe the slate clean? And remove temptation from people who knew no sin? Why couldn’t he just choose to not make babies suffer who had nothing to do with the world’s troubles?
  • Would you have babies in the house- who know no right from wrong- and then place a plate of cookies on a coffee table at their eye level…and leave them uncovered…and then tell them not to eat any?
  • And then would you send another adult in the room to tell the babies to eat the cookies? And then damn the kids for life as well as all of their offspring, because of the wrong they committed, that you created? You made the cookies, and the adult that told them to eat the cookies?

Seriously…would you do that? Moving on, in an interesting piece of recent news, a black man living in South Carolina’s DNA has been traced back 338,000 years! As his DNA predates the existence of most known human civilizations, does this prove that the Adam and Eve story is a lie? Or at the least, that the first humans were African (and obviously would have had different names)? Of course, the findings have not been publicized much in mainstream media. Discovery News Reports:

The man’s chromosome carries a rare mutation, which researchers matched to a similar chromosome in the Mbo, a population living in a tiny area of western Cameroon in sub-Saharan Africa. “Our analysis indicates this lineage diverged from previously known Y chromosomes about 338,000 ago, a time when anatomically modern humans had not yet evolved,” Michael Hammer, associate professor at the Univ. of Arizona’s Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and a research scientist at the UA’s Arizona Research Labs, said via a press release. “This pushes back the time the last common Y chromosome ancestor lived by almost 70 percent.” The DNA study began after the South Carolina man submitted a small tissue sample to theNational Geographic Genographic Project. Researchers were shocked after they noticed none of the genetic markers used to assign lineages to known Y chromosome groupings were found. The man’s DNA sample was sent to Family Tree DNA for sequencing. Fernando Mendez, a postdoctoral researcher in Hammer’s lab, led the effort to analyze the DNA sequence. It included more than 240,000 base pairs of the Y chromosome. Searches through a huge database led to the Mbo connection. The scientists were then able to estimate the emergence of the chromosome mutation based on rates of change, creating a sort of “family tree” for the chromosome. The discovery doesn’t necessarily mean that all humans descended from an ancestor living in western Cameroon. “It is a misconception that the genealogy of a single genetic region reflects population divergence,” Hammer explained. “Instead, our results suggest that there are pockets of genetically isolated communities that together preserve a great deal of human diversity.” Hammer added that still “It is likely that other divergent lineages will be found, whether in Africa or among African-Americans in the U.S. and that some of these may further increase the age of the Y chromosome tree. There has been a lot of hype with people trying to trace their Y chromosome to different tribes, but this individual from South Carolina can say he did it.” The study has even further implications. It strengthens the belief that there is no “mitochondrial Eve” or “Y chromosome Adam.” All of humankind, as a result, did not descend from exactly one pair of humans that lived at a certain point in human evolution.

The original source of this groundbreaking study is found in The American Journal of Human Genetics. Special shouts out to the Facebook group Blacks History And Africa Education.

Editor’s Note: This page is not meant to criticize God, but is critical of this story’s attempt at explaining God’s work.

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