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Photo report: Impressive facelift at Ashanti Police Command

A culture of neglect and disinterest in a fine environment and delicate architecture is gradually giving way to a more modern view of policing.

That is the case in the Ashanti Regional Police Command.

Heavy handed on criminals yet exhibiting a soft touch on the environment, the Command is seeing an impressive facelift and some neat landscaping.

Apart from the ongoing infrastructural developments, the Command through the support of organizations and some individuals, has mobilized resources including over 20 motorcycles to aid community policing.

Regional Commander, DCOP Kofi Boakye recently told journalists some institutions have expressed their readiness to support the completion of the projects at no cost to the Ghana Police Service.

There are repainted sunny coloured buildings, a revamped eye clinic and perfect mowing (which is rare in public service institutions).

The fear, if any, is that miscreants and misfits might find themselves perhaps too much at home.


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