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Npp race : Constituency Council of Elders not eligible to vote

Constituency Council of Elders of the main opposition New Patriotic Party will not be allowed to vote in the party’s flagbearer elections on Saturday, the Electoral Commission has revealed.

According to the Commission, the list of voters given to them by the election committee of the party does not include the names of the Constituency Council of Elders.

“List of the various eligible voters have already been submitted to the commission and we are clear on those can vote on Saturday but it does not include the Constituency Council of Elders” EC Spokesperson, Sylvia Annor told Oman FM, Tuesday.

According to her, the EC has put in place appropriate mechanisms to ensure a smooth election on Saturday.

The Constituency Council of Elders were part of the super delegates who voted to reduce the number of flagbearer aspirants of the opposition party from seven to five.

On Saturday, however, more than 140,000 delegates excluding the Elders will be voting to elect one of three candidates to lead the party for the 2016 elections, after two willingly dropped out of the race.

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