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Czech: Ghanaian ‘Ebola student’ released from isolation – Zita Okaikoi
Posted by admin on 15th October 2014

Ghana’s Ambassador to the Czech Republic, Zita Okaikoi, has said a Ghanaian student, who was quarantined in the European country on suspicion of carrying the deadly Ebola virus has been released.

The West African was one of four Ghanaian students who arrived in the country for studies Saturday.

In a statement issued by Ghana’s mission Tuesday, Okaikoi said: “The students initially passed the medical screening at Vaclav Havel International
Airport in Prague, but were subsequently seized at the main railway station in Prague upon a report to the police that some people from Ghana were at the station harbouring the Ebola virus”.

“After the quarantine process, the Health Ministry reportedly stated that the suspected individuals were suffering from cold and not the Ebola virus as earlier suspected,” Okaikoi clarified, adding: “The students have since been released and are in Pardubice to undertake their studies in the University.”

Ghana has tested more than 100 suspected Ebola cases, but none has proved positive. The country’s West African neighbours: Liberia, Guinea and Liberia, are the worst-hit countries by the viral scourge, which has so far killed at least 4,447 people and affected about 8,914 people.

The WHO has warned there could be up to 10,000 new cases per week within two months if global efforts are not stepped up.

Other countries in the sub-region: Nigeria, Senegal and DR Congo, have also recorded cases.

The haemorrhagic fever has been described by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the worst ever outbreak in history. There are fears as many as one million people could be affected by the virus before it is brought under control.

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